Bonnie Banchory

You may or may not be aware but for the past 12 years or so a group called Bonnie Banchory has been carrying out various activities to enable the town look more attractive for both residents and visitors alike.

Every year (apart from 2020 when only a limited planting was carried out) the group have planted 44 hanging baskets for the town centre lampposts, 22 baskets for the wall around the Bellfield Home, several planters and wall hangers outside the Town Hall and the tubs at the public toilets in the Bellfield car-park. The group was nurtured under the auspices of Banchory & District Initiative and two years ago was amalgamated with Banchory Gardening Club.

It is now time for the founder members of the group to retire gracefully and Banchory Gardening Club is looking for new volunteers to take on the mantle.

If any of you would like to form a small group to carry on the task please get in touch by emailing Fear not, full instruction and guidance will be given! It would be a very great shame if the project were to fold.

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